Plie. Grand Jete. Arabesque. To many people these could be items off a French menu. But for a small dedicated group, they are only a few of the ballet moves they must memorize and learn. Ballet is a classical style of dance that is as known for its artistic beauty as it is for its difficult technique. Performed around the world by acclaimed companies, ballet tells a story through movement, through the dancers' lines and the emotion conveyed by their bodies. Some of the more well-known ballets include Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, and The Nutcracker, all by Tchaikovsky; they are classics, and are frequently performed all over the world. Like a Degas painting, from the tights to the tutu, the ballerina is iconic figure full of strength and grace, but it all starts with a little girl and a dream.

Getting Started

Many young girls dream of becoming a prima ballerina when they grow up, so it is no wonder that many of them like to run around in tutus. But if your child is seriously considering a life of dance, or simply wants to take some classes to try it out, she'll have to be properly outfitted. The basic ballet ensemble consists of a leotard - ideally black, tights - ideally pink, and ballet slippers. And don't forget to put that hair in a bun! There is a time and place to be unique in one's attire, but a ballet class is not it. In their classes young girls will not only learn beginner ballet technique, but also the importance of good posture, various breathing techniques, and confidence. 

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